1. Enjoy the game and learn from your mistakes.

2. Flight and comms discipline will be adhered to prior to combat.

3. Don’t attack until ordered OR if you are in immediate danger and must evade.

4. Try to maintain situational awareness...

- where you are

- where your buddies are

- where the bad guys are

5. If separated and alone, either link up with the nearest friendly aircraft or head for home.

6. USE YOUR WINGMAN or others for help.


       - Be brief and to the point

       - General rule = when someone calls an enemy contact everybody else SHUTS UP

         in order to hear the contact info

      - DO NOT hog the radio during combat, say what you need to say then get off the means

      - If someone queries the tower, stay off the means while the tower responds

        (do not talk over the tower)

9. Take note of your claims (Honor system prevails... but gun cameras don’t lie)

- Identify an aircraft using the acronym WEFT

  (Wings, Engine, Fuselage, Tail)

- type of aircraft you attacked, how many and time attack initiated (approx)

- general area attack initiated (e.g. map reference/location)

- general altitude (approx)

- results (“got one smoking”, “damaged one”, “destroyed one, saw it go in near XXX”, etc)

10.  Shooting at friendly aircraft may result in penalties. Know your aircraft!



As taxiing on the deck in-game is problematic, if a pilot has clearly landed safely but accidentally hits something on the deck while taxiing or taxis off the carrier while trying to clear the landing area, it will be ignored and the pilot and aircraft will be considered OK as realistically the plane would normally be guided by a real deck crew.